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Workshop Choir

  • Each singer completes a single pass on one or two parts

  • Straightforward readthrough with little artistic interpretation

  • Some tempos might be increased to accommodate single singers per part

  • Ideal for when you are working on a piece and want to get an idea of how it sounds

Small Choir

  • Each singer completes multiple passes on a single part

  • Unified and clear choral sound

  • Conductor artistically interprets the score.

  • Perfect for clear demo recordings that highlight the music you have written

Large Choir

  • Each singer completes multiple passes on multiple parts

  • Rich and colorful choral texture

  • Conductor artistically interprets the score. 

  • Our most authentic, "real-life" performance sound

Image by Marius Masalar

Our Services
~ Under Five minutes ~

For recordings longer than 5 minutes visit here

For multi-movement works, please inquire

Browse through the different levels of recordings we offer and listen to examples of each. For more examples of our recordings, please check out our YouTube page.


All of our recordings are carefully prepared with artistic interpretation by a team of experienced choral professionals. 

To get your music recorded, simply submit your score to us and select your choir.

Make sure to read our FAQ page for information about choosing your choir, time frame to expect your recording, rerecords, and changes.

Please note that RMCC reserves the right to refuse any score and offer a full refund if the text of the music is deemed offensive or otherwise inappropriate. 

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Workshop Choir

Perfect for when you are workshopping a piece! This choir sounds more like a quartet with only one voice to a part.

Te Deum Laudamus (RAIN)
Locus Iste (Bruckner) - SATB - workshop choir
Nemo Habet Hac Dilectionem (Cisowski) - SSAATTBB - workshop choir

*option to add piano accompaniment or auxiliary instruments after choir selection.

Small Choir

Our best offer! Our Small Choir utilizes a minimal number of singers to sound like a small chamber choir.

Locus Iste (Bruckner) - SATB - Small Choir
Bogurodzica (KAŁAMARZ)
Morning Prayer (Carter) - SATB + piano - Small Choir

*option to add piano accompaniment or auxiliary instruments after choir selection.

Large Choir

The most authentic sounding choir we have! Our singers work overtime to make the fullest sound possible.

Gloria (King) - SSATTB - large choir
The Elysian Fields (CARR)
Hush, little baby (Allred) - SSAATTBB - Large Choir

*option to add piano accompaniment or auxiliary instruments after choir selection.


What Our Clients Say

Rocky Mountain Chamber Choir-1.png

Daniel Carter (USA), Composer

I am delighted with the recording! It's sensitive, lyrical, and joyful. I'm so pleased and even grateful to [Rocky Mountain Chamber Choir - Virtual Singers].

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