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Additional Services

Score Review

(no recording)

One of our experienced conductors will review your score and give you honest feedback on the quality of the composition, text setting, and engraving before you submit it for recording.

Score Videos

We will make a score video of your music for you! Whether or not RMCC recorded your piece we can make a video that syncs up the audio to as much of the score as you like. This is yours to distribute however you choose.

Score Proofreading and Editing

Not sure if your score is performance ready? Send it to us! We will have our experienced score engraver and some of our conductors look at it and proofread and edit it for you.

Score Engraving

Our experienced score engravers can turn your manuscript into a beautiful typeset score. We will give you both a PDF of your score as well as a .MusicXML file.


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