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Choral Companion

Choral learning redefined:
Artistic Mastery in every track

At Rocky Mountain Chamber Choir, we create rehearsal tracks to help choir singers learn their individual parts. Our tracks are designed to be artistically expressive and enable you to develop your choral skills while improving your individual part in the song you're learning as well as skills and choral instincts that will inform your future singing as well!  See for yourself and experience the difference RMCC's rehearsal tracks can make!

Rehearsal Tracks by Composer

RMCC Makes rehearsal tracks!

Welcome to the Rocky Mountain Chamber Choir – your destination for exquisite choral rehearsal tracks that transcend the ordinary. Our artistically interpreted recordings not only guide singers in developing their instincts but also provide highly listenable rehearsal tracks.

Immerse your compositions in our unique blend of artistry and innovation, making your music not just accessible but also significantly more marketable. Elevate your creations with Rocky Mountain Chamber Choir and let your music resonate with a broader audience.


Don't see the song you are looking for? Submit your request for rehearsal tracks here!

Are you a composer interested in RMCC's choral rehearsal tracks? Contact us here!

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